wood is fine accoustic music performed special and unique with influences of folk, pop, rock, western, grunge and much more...

wood is a creation of the musician fabi ann from the same named rock n`roll band. after 16 years of writing over two hundred songs and recording several rock productions he decided to do an album all by his own.

not wanting to make another rock n`roll album, fabi ann decided to record no electric guitars on his album. the songs from folk, pop, rock to western or psychedelic are all catchy and raw produced. all instruments are perfomed live by fabi ann and recorded in his own (little) recording studio. there are some guests on the album: ex-black heaven drummer peter hasler, ex-fabi ann drummer york and singer Josh Henen from the band drive.

in spring 2009 the debut album singsongs will be released and wood will also play some live-concerts.